24 Hour Emergency Services
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Tree Care Service

Kingkiner Tree Service offers comprehensive tree removal and maintenance services in the Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware County areas.

24 Hour Emergency Services

When tree damage affects your home or your power lines, contact us immediately- at anytime, and we will respond quickly to help you resolve your emergency situation. We have the experience & equipment available and will come to your assistance as soon as possible.

Tree Pruning

The health and beauty of all trees is enhanced when an expert trims unwanted, damaged, or dangerous portions of the tree. Tree pruning may be required for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons include reducing the height of the tree, thinning out the tree to help with better air circulation and growth, or even shaping of the tree for design purposes, as well as removing storm damaged or diseased branches. From removing one branch to restructuring an entire portion of your tree, we will help control the growth, make it safe, and modify the appearance to exactly how you want it to be.

Tree Removal

Sometimes it is not possible to save a damaged or diseased tree. There are also times when it is possible to transport a tree rather than cutting it down. After evaluating your tree(s), our experienced estimators will provide you with options and advice on removing or saving your tree(s). When we do a job, we use all precautions to make sure it is done safely and without damaging your surrounding property. We will take care of removing the wood and we can also provide full stump removal services if needed. Prompt cleanup is done every time.

Tree Maintenance

We also provide full maintenance services including; disease control & prevention, pruning, tree feeding, cabling & other services to help your property look its best!

Storm Damage

Kingkiner Tree Service is the best place to call after a storm. We offer 24 Hour Emergency Service in the event there are power lines affected or there is any danger to your home. Trust us to be there for you whether your damage is minimal or extensive. We will help you through the process of evaluating your damage and provide you with options. Our friendly staff will help you with your insurance company, and our team of skilled tree professionals will remove, repair, and/or restore your trees in a timely fashion.

Land and Lot Clearing

Let our Tree Service experts help you to prepare your property for sale, clear land for development and anytime you need removal of trees, bushes & debris.

Stump Grinding & Removal

We remove stumps of any size, grinding them in the process so the wood can be repurposed or disposed of properly.

670 Ridge Pike Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
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